Summer 2017

Monday Friday June 5-9, Curriculum Leadership by Mike Buffo
Monday Friday June 12-16, Curriculum Leadership by Brittney Buffo

HARA’s 14th Season Making of a Movie Star; Perform the Role of your Dreams

For ages 14-18
Location: Carmel Youth Center

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Were looking for the stars of tomorrow who are sensing a life-long commitment to a career in the collaborative arts as an ACTOR, WRITER, or PRODUCER. Good candidates for enrollment are actors who have had leads in high school theatre, have shown initiative to bring their peers together to film short films, or obsessive thinkers of what makes great characters that serve a relevant purpose for the modern stories of our time. We will limit our classroom to 20 collaborators in each week to support a focused participation to the work at hand. This season will be the activation of an intention Mike and Brittney have been in development underneath each season of HARA that was first piloted in the Winter of 2010.

Students, Parents, and Producers, please read on.

Before a production, there is a script. Before the script, there is character. Before character, there is you. There is an innumerable amount of components that make up your personality, your mission, and your soul. Right now at this time in your life, we will ask you to look within to bring out the character that will have a life in the limelight. This character that each one of you will develop will compete with the others in the room to be the most compelling. These characters will naturally pull the spotlight to them granting them the most screen our screenplay.

The screenplay will be pitched to the world and production may ensue.

With our track record, it WILL be produced. You will be a star, your voice will be heard, your signature character will have a life and you will be seen.

We get it up on its feet. We get it down on the page. We get it bouncing off the walls.
We mix it together with the rest, and we deliver a vision.

Collectively, our investment will breathe life where there was only fertile potential before.

How do we do this?

In the 1st week of our Summer 2017 Season, you will be lead by Mike Buffo and learn:
ESA. Our acting technique is being taught at the most experimental and expensive universities in the world. (NYU, Naropa, Stella Adler Academy, etc.) By learning the chakra system of the body, the psychodynamics of character choices, and developing a common vocabulary of thoughts, feelings, and relationships that previously had no method of description, you cant unlearn this technique that will serve your performances to be more magnetic, your leadership more charismatic, and your relationships more expansive.

That’s the Energy System of Acting

The HARA Technique.

What do you call the tuning into whats important rather than whats immediate? Where does your purpose live in your body? What does it look like to be in ultimate structured energy for the project at hand. We teach Hara through a guided visual meditation, a collaborative progression of shared goals (film production), and invitation to join an organization that supports a place of belonging for its board, its staff, its students, and our audience.

That’s HARA.

Secrets of Screen Acting.

The possibilities for an actor in the modern era of performance has limitless potential of connectivity, immediacy, and impact. Without training for the camera frame, the cell phone medium, the short-form, the documentary, the commercial, the single-camera drama, the three-camera live event, the sitcom, or the branded entertainment, you are an expert at the basics and a beginner in the working class realm of professional acting. We teach you how to be a hallow bone to allow the imagination of the writer to speak through you, move you, and present whatever the performance may demand of you. From there we build you up to match the format of the medium at hand; from the screen at the theatre to the screen in your pocket.

That’s the Secrets of Screen Acting.

(And that’s the end of Week 1)

In the 2nd week of our Summer 2017 Season, you will be lead by Brittney Buffo and learn:

What is Your Wish for the World?

Learning to act from your idiosyncrasies is actually a sign of becoming an adult. To shelf the shame that binds you and boldly say yes to the first impulse is listening to the small flame inside you that tells you its your turn to speak. If you honor this small voice, this will be the big or small noise that we will make together. We earn our audience by being relevant, doing good quality work, and making something each one of us is proud to share widely.

This is Phase One of Script Creation

What is my Warrior/Goddess?

Each of you can carry a play or a film. You have landed amongst your peers. But can you listen deeply to criticism with an open heart, mind, and spirit? If you can, then your character choice will activate something inside of you that needs to get out there. Your Voice will be heard, read, and seen. Your commitment to your young career in motion will be actualized. Together, our character relationships will solidify into a Screenplay Treatment. Through Brittneys gift of seeing character arcs, relationship threads, and redefining the heros journey to meet the genre of our choice and the themes of this generation, this week will progress on the page each day towards the completion of a screenplay and bulk-dialogue audio collection that will be transcribed to page for her offline screenplay development phase.

This is Phase Two of Script Creation

My Line, Your Line, Our Line?

We hold each one of you with relentless positive regard which will serve you to get what you came here for. The screenplay-development process organically becomes our casting process that evolves into leads, supporting roles, locations, and network building. For any characters not within the sympathetic range of the actors in our classroom circle, well outsource to professional actors.

This is Phase Three of Script Creation

(And the end of Week 2)

Make note of these Future Dates if you wish to apply:

It will take approximately six weeks of development after the closing of our final day of class on June 16 for a screenplay to be completed and ready to be read. On Saturday, September 2nd, we will take the stage together and do a staged-reading of our opus for a friendly crowd of our closest fans. Six weeks after that we will follow-up our 11 successful Indie GoGo Campaigns with the launch of our next crowd funding campaign to provide the development funds for this feature film production.

On Thursday, October 26th, we will launch our Campaign in front of a live studio audience with the premiere of our Pitch Video a compilation of interviews with our main CHARACTERS, inserts of locations of our intended production, and exchanges of dialogue delivered at our three-camera staged-reading. In April, 2018, we intend to go into pre-production and note, if you are cast, we intend to go into production in June of 2018.

There are three options for enrollment in Summer 2017 that takes place on June 5-9 and
June 12-16 for HARAs 14th Season Making of a Movie Star; Perform the Role of your Dreams For ages 14-18 at the Carmel Youth Center from 10am-5pm each day.
1) Week one only,
2) Week two only,
3) Both weeks.

Tuition assistance is available to qualified applicants. (Apply here: link to scholarship form) When HARA began, tuition for screenplay development/acting intensives were $1,250 each. Now thanks to the generosity of our arts-minded business and organizations of our community, tuition is much less.

1) Week one only: one-time payment of $447, or 3 payments of $182
2) Week two only: one-time payment of $447, or 3 payments of $182
3) Both weeks: one payment of $747, or 3 payments of $332

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