Get Discovered Summit

If you’ve struggled with figuring out how to make money with your camera…

If you’ve got talent and you want to learn how to apply it…

If you want to learn to hold your value, own your time, and make work that lasts forever.

Then we invite you to the…

“We benefit ourselves in proportion to the benefits we give to others.”
-E.J. Michael

Message from the Director

Hello New Students,

There is a lot of work out there if you know how to get it. Every business owner, institution, organization, entrepreneur, live event, ceremony, fundraiser, product to sell, course to teach, or live performance to behold is an opportunity for you to work. I know this because I work everyday in this field.

But I can’t do it alone. I can’t meet the demand of all the work that I see all around me.
I’m on a mission to develop an army of video producers. I’m actively seeking creative talent to teach them everything I know, give them certifications, and actually provide them with WORK.
The Get Discovered Summit helps you get closer to learning how to create a sustainable video production practice because it is a two-day, intense focus on your business skills and we explain exactly how to break into fulltime filmmaking i.e. video production.

It’s also our students first experience in working with us so we make it the best impression possible. We want you to continue on with us for our continuing education programs each taking the form of weekend retreats with accountability systems to keep you focused between our live events.

Our Get Discovered Summit goes more deeply into the curriculum we teach in our free workshops and many more strategies as well:

  • Hara Selling to Create Video Production Gigs
  • Create Your Rate Sheet
  • Production Attraction Mindset
  • 12 Tenets of Professional Practices
  • Three Essential Elements of Any Story Worth Telling
  • Three Secrets of Expert Video Deliveries
  • How to Compose Great Images Using Any Camera Youve Got

I know not all of you are ready to think of yourself as business owners but that’s what I’m here to do for you. If you can give me two days, I’ll give you great tools, rare opportunities, and a heart-centered community that you can rely on. Thank you for reading this page to the end.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us by phone or email.

Mike Buffo
Program Director, HARA Academy