Mission Statement

HARA Motion Picture Conservatory produces new media with emerging artists throughout Monterey County; providing professional mentorship that nurtures a students creative confidence and workforce skills to grow successful careers.


  • Individuals who express a desire to develop their creativity and collaborate to create films are candidates for enrollment. As a of 501(c)(3) non-profit, we receive grants and donations to subsidize the cost of student tuition for eligible candidates.
  • The students who move through the HARA programs gain different efficiencies in video production that what may be available at your high school or college. We focus on the certifications of Directors, Producers, and Actors. Once Certified, you will be recognized by our partners as achieving a high-standard of creative achievement: adding to your ability to get work in the field and make a living leading a sustainable lifestyle of a creative individual.
  • We are committed to connecting HARA students to industry professionals and business with marketing budgets through the participation in our HARA Membership opportunities.
  • HARA Members are eligible to produce work under supervision of the HARA Faculty utilizing HARA resources. In addition to rare experience in making movies, students are encouraged to make the most of their time on set and exploit their participation to the fullest. Working a HARA set is should be a place where you should share your experience widely so that you get noticed. We encourage you to join Movidiam.com and engage with this project management software. This will help you build your portfolio, make connections, and build your business. A portfolio/blog/case study report are invaluable assets not only for college applications, but is essential in order to be considered for a professional project as artistic talent.
  • As students gain experience and valuable trade skills, our intention is to provide professional opportunities as well. The board of directors, faculty, and Certified HARA Directors, Producers, & Actors actively networks with employable agencies. We provide connections to qualified students to work as interns and/or paid crew positions working on locally-produced commercials, films, and video projects.