Industry Professionals

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Michael Buffo,Acting/Cinematic Arts

Cinematographer/Producer for his company, House of 8 Media, Michael Buffo serves the Monterey Peninsula and beyond by producing commercial, documentary, and narrative productions with local contractors. Michael enjoys making short-form digital media, placing a spotlight on independently run businesses & new thought leaders with a mission. He has shot, directed, & produced a variety of short-form and long-form commercial and narrative digital content ranging from TV commercials, docu-style brand videos, short-feature films, infomercials, and tons of live theatre. On set, Michael nurtures the spirit of ensemble in a positive, fun, safe environment with demonstrated experience at successful crew engagement and maintaining a peaceful, enjoyable workplace. In conversation, Michael keeps great notes. In preparation, he is an eagle scout. During the shoot, Michael is a knight in arms who never tires or complains. See more at:

Brittney Buffo, Acting/Yoga/Cinematic Arts


Brittney is an actress, writer and teaching artist. InLos Angeles, she taughtplaywriting and performance classes with The Unusual Suspects Theatre Company, The Will Geers Theatricum Botanicum and Virginia Avenue Project. In 2002, she ventured west to pursue stage and screen acting, and graduated with her BA in Theatre from Cal Poly Pomona University. Under the mentorship and direction of Linda Bisesti, a Designated Linklater Voice Teacher, Brittney has had the unique opportunity to work one-on-one with a disciple of one of the most sought after vocal technique teachers in the world.Knowing how to connect language with breath and voice is a golden key to hang on the chain of the actors craft to quote Kristin Linklater (Columbia University Graduate Theatre Division of the School for the Arts; author of Freeing the Natural Voice and Freeing Shakespeares Voice).

Since 2006, Brittney incorporates her unique experiences as an actress and a playwright into teaching. She began teaching in Los Angeles with The Unusual Suspects Theatre Company and Virginia Avenue Project working with at-risk youth. Brittney facilitated original plays written by youth, culminating their values and ideas onto the stage for theatre performance. As a guest artist with The Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum, Brittney has served as script supervisor for their yearly Youth Drama Saturday program, as well as teaching Shakespeare to students of all ages in their classroom enrichment programs in schools throughout Los Angeles.

She has joined forces with Mike to combine their passion for personal growth and discovery through the arts. Together, they developed the HARA technique for high school students. Students respond to the techniques in the classroom as immediately applicable in their performances and in their personal lives. HARA Motion Picture Conservatory used to be a year-round program for local youth, now, a summer program. Brittney is proud to continue to develop the cutting-edge curriculum derived from personal experience combined with Laura Fines Energy System of Acting, Fay Simpsons The Lucid Body, and Kristen Linklaters Freeing the Natural Voice. The HARA technique appeals to our natural energetic sense as artists. The unique approach unlocks and allows our Selves to flow into a stronger presence on stage and screen.

Ignited by her passion for carrying out the souls purpose to express itself, Brittney is excited to join Mike in encouraging new artists to courageously create their own media. The films created through HARA Motion Picture Conservatory can only be limited by the students own imaginations!

Ian Chilcote, Director of Photography


Ian Chilcote has been framing compositions his whole life. After serving in the Navy for five years, he welcomed the freedom to go to school and pursue the dream.

Attending the Academy of Art University, he quickly fell in love with the film making program. After three years of school, he became a Teachers Assistant; helping out in the studio classes where he learned how to operate professional equipment and take expert direction.

After he graduated with his Bachelors Degree he continues to lend a hand at the academy as a director of photography and gaffer for the studio classes. He loves the combination of the educational environment with a professional set. By hiring professionals like him to shoot classroom assignments, students get to try their hand at directing and acting in a safe but stimulating learning environment.

Being in this kind of atmosphere where skill and talent meet with artful education is a rewarding experience most never get to have.

His passion for cinematography is rooted in experience and self-expression. The ability to capture a moment in a perspective that has been planned for and nurtured the whole way through fuels Ian to live a cinematographers lifestyle of creating moments that last forever.

Rick Chelew, Sound Engineer


Richard Rick Chelew has been working in the audio field for over 20 years. He is sought after for his creativity, critical ear and attention to detail. Rick was a principal sound recordist for the world-renown Candid Camera show for many years. A specialist in documentary location work which has taken him from Alaska to Peru, his television credits include National Geographic, BBC, PBS, Jean Michel Cousteau, Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, The Golf Channel, and ABC Sports productions. Other clients include Canon, The Monterey Bay Aquarium, The Pebble Beach Company, Toyota, Lexus, Jeep, and the United States Navy.In the music world, Ricks producer and recording engineer credits include work with Dave Van Ronk, Richard Thompson, Bert Jansch, Pentangle, T Bone Burnett, Jennifer Warnes and Albert Lee.Rick is also a professional musician, working both as solo performer and with bands The Cachagua Playboys, Andreas Fault, Heartstrings and others.

Jeff Clark, Director/Producer


Over his 30 year career, Jeff Clark has served as the Executive Producer and Creative Director for several Hollywood based production companies and presently has over 1000 video credits to his name. He has produced and directed hundreds of music videos for such acts as the Backstreet Boys, N Sync, Black Eyed Peas, Tupac Shakur, Lionel Richie, and Barry White, Phil Collins, Paulina Rubio, All-4-One, among many others. Jeff has earned 3 MTV Awards including an MTV Video of the Year award for his efforts. He has many commercial successes as well having worked with dozens of leading brands such as Sony PlayStation, Coca-Cola, General Mills, Skechers Shoes, Toyota, LOral, Nescafe, T-Mobile, and various others. Jeff also founded MVCI, the worlds first film school with a music video and commercial based curriculum, bringing his ideas and most valuable production know-how to assist others in their quest for knowledge in film & television production.After a brief year as a Producer at Google in 2005, Mr. Clark went on to work as a television creative for Al Gores International Cable TV Network, CurrentTV. He helped to launch the Cable TV start-up and as part of that team developed innovative ideas where Mr. Clarks creative contributions were quickly recognized leading to a Primetime Emmy Award for Best Interactive Television Network, a first in this category.His most recent endeavor is Videobot, a video startup that helps brands and businesses to build out their YouTube and social video channels. Videobot has already created over 600 videos in more than 50 destinations worldwide. Mr. Clark is now taking this latest venture toward a multi-screen audience, on their mobile devices, and into the future.

Jeff is currently the President, Board of Directors, for the Monterey County Film Commission and brings his knowledge and expertise to the team at the Hara Conservatory. He is excited to be a part of this innovative group.

Robert Stanley, Producer/Director/Director of Photography


Legions of journalists descended upon Baghdad to cover the War in Iraq. Only a very few were DOD trained and embedded from the invasion forward. Fewer still had first-hand participation working with the decision makers on the frontlines with a chronological overview of in-theater transitions, indigenous cultures, Embassy leaders and technology like Producer/Director/Cinematographer, Robert Stanley.

Adaptability under challenging conditions delivering highest quality results are the hallmark of Mr. Stanleys career in all forms of Media.

Broadcast news experience includes CBS (60 Minutes), (CBS Reports with Bill Moyer), ABC (20/20), BBC (Panorama), NBC, NBC Sports, Australian Broadcasting Company, Christian Science Monitor (World Monitor), French Canal 5, German ZDF, Japan NHK, Discovery Channel and PBS (Frontline). In addition, to the aforementioned list of news-oriented projects and long form documentary, Mr. Stanley has worked on over 50 feature films: Forrest Gump, Air America, Purple Rose of Cairo, Blade, The Avengers, Falling In Love, more than 100 music videos for recording performance artists like The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Michael Jackson as well as 300+ commercials: Bentley, BMW, Sony, Ferrari, General Electric.

In early 2003, Mr. Stanley was recruited by the US Department of Defense and trained as an Embed Combat Journalist where upon he deployed with Coalition Forces for Operation Iraqi Freedom. Assignments in Iraq yielded the first ever LIVE HD broadcast from an ongoing active battlefield. As Ambassador. L. Paul Bremers Producer and Cameraman, he was one of only five Media Contractors to establish Iraqs New Free Press. His expertise and direct efforts resulted in both uplink and downlink unification for TV and radio satellite systems and the establishment of Iraqi broadcast systems: Iraqi Media Network (IMN) and Al Iraqia. Mr. Stanley was then awarded the contract by the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) and the Iraqi Olympic Committee (IOC) to document the teams journey to the world sports stage for Athens 2004 Summer Games. He was contracted as the sole Broadcast Media Consultant for the U.S. Department of Justices Regime Crimes Liaison Office (RCLO) to design and implement the international broadcast for the Trials of Saddam Hussein and his Regime. In addition, Mr. Stanley received seven US DOD contracts deployed in Fallujah, the Green Zone and US Embassy Baghdad, Iraq.

Mr. Stanleys thirty years experience has allowed him to produce, direct and shoot in every video and film format and genre working globally on every continent. Producing successful and effective media assignments of all project types, scale and budgets in over 60 countries.

Language skills include: English, French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Thai, Vietnamese and Swedish.

Mr. Stanley resides in Santa Monica and Californias Central Coast USA where he continues crafting, consulting and working as a Producer, Director and Director of Photography on wide ranging media projects, LIVE broadcasts, corporate campaigns, documentaries, commercials and feature film productions using the latest technology including close range aerial imaging equipment (UAVs) like Flying Cam, Fly Cam, Spidercam, BowCam and Steadicam.

Matthew Lavin, Aerial UAV Operator/Producer


Since moving to Santa Cruz, Matthew has been named Chancellor of the Monterey Bay UAV Flight School and is working to establish education and certification for the UAV/UAS industry. With 20 years RC experience, he is also an accredited member of AUVSI, RCAPA and AMA. Recently from New York City, originally from Chicago, Matthew Lavin has been in production all his life. Schooled as a classically trained puppeteer, and having worked with such innovative tech-forward artists such as Blue Man Group, Disney and Jim Henson Productions, Matthew became an automation & robotics devotee. His professional background encompasses years working onset in NYC in cinematography, commercial photography, lighting, props electrician, grip/gaff and production management. An image and technology junkie, Matthew found his true calling manifest as a UAV pilot and cameraman. Matthew enjoys buying new lenses, capturing his pro-surfer friends being epic, expanding awareness of the UAV industry and building with Cecil the shop dog.

Linda Bisessti Voice Teacher/Professional Actress

Tracy Reiner Producer/Professional Actress