Mission Statement

HARA Mission statment small

  • Individuals who express a desire to develop their creativity and collaborate to create films are candidates for enrollment. As a fiscally-sponsored project of 501(c)(3)Fractured Atlas, we receive grants and donations to subsidize the cost of student tuition for teens age 14-18.

  • The students who move through the HARA classes gain hands-on experience many stages of independent film production including: acting, screenwriting, directing, producing, cinematography, and post-production.  

  • We are committed to connecting HARA students to filmmakers and industry professionals through guest artist workshops and local film festivals.

  • In addition to rare experience in making movies, students who go to HARA will have that rare thing all actors are seeking yet few actually get even after years of pursuit: footage!  A “Reel” (a short video showcasing their work and experience) is an invaluable asset for not only college applications, but is essential in order to be considered for a professional project as artistic talent. 

  • As students gain experience and valuable trade skills, our intention is to provide professional opportunities as well. Our goal is to build community interest in our production services in order to provide opportunities to qualified students to produce commercials and video projects to local businesses, schools and organizations. 





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