The HARA Technique

HARA man

The Heart Aligned Response Access Technique (HARA) is a system designed to enhance a creatives imaginative capabilities. This enhances ones faith to live truthfully under those imaginary circumstances. Images coming into the mind are called perception, images going out are called creativity. Developing a strong imagination develops onea ability to perceive and to create.

The HARA Technique supports the direct/actor/producer/writer to develop a strong sense of self in order to bring more of themselves to the performance at hand, ie. bigger screen presence

The content of our classroom experiential exercises, worksheets, and partner-shares challenges students on a range of levels:


by being grounded in physical exercises, students are encouraged to look deeply into how their bodies work; expanding the limits of their physical capabilities. (mostly applies to the Genius Cast Formula program)


students are asked to hold with great respect and Mystery each others personal process to create the safe environment to do this type of character-building work.


because each day is filled with a wide range of focuses, the minds of the students are challenged to harness their gifts.


as our bonds grow and containment for more authentic work becomes stronger, the students quality of creativity and perception flourishes.


HARA Technique assists creatives to remain centered and aligned in order to shine as magnetic, charismatic, and conscious individuals.