2012 Summer: Short Film Series

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Module #3 of Leaders of Multimedia


Now Enrolling! Actors: ages 14-18



The Summer Program will consist of three sections.
1) *training & pre-production
2) principle photography of short-films on location
3) post-production editing.

*Two weeks of pre-production is required of all students collaborating on the films for the summer. These two weeks are the only times that little or no conflicts will be accommodated.

The three weeks of principal photography (the shooting of the films) will take all student conflicts into account when casting and scheduling each film shoot.

The summer company membership is open to 22 students. 6 pre-selected student directed films will be produced.

Each student will gain hands-on experience in the film making process from pre-production to post-production, as producers, actors and crew. Post-production editing classes are optional for students who are eager to learn editing on Final Cut Pro X and assist the directors on the Apple computers provided by HARA.

The unique experience provides students the opportunity to collaborate together and complete polished films for their portfolio for college and beyond.


June 11-14, and 18-21. All classes from 12:30pm-5:30pm (required classes for all students)

These two weeks will cover:

Acting for the camera and the presence-building HARA Technique
Casting the actors and crew
Film team collaboration: turning a storyboard into a schedule
Training in EACH crew position & rehearsals
Production Value: Maximizing sound, image & effects quality

WEEK 1 SHOOT June 25-29 (scheduled based on student’s availability)
WEEK 2 SHOOT July 9-13 (scheduled based on student’s availability)
WEEK 3 SHOOT July 16-20 (scheduled based on student’s availability)

During the film shoots, each student director will work directly with a professional cinematographer to capture their film with professional equipment and create a professional quality film. The directors and the film teams will focus on the following

Making memorable shots
Visual Effects vs Special Effects
Equipment comprehension & practice: the camera, boom, wireless mics (LAVs), lights, C-stands, bounce-boards, electrics, etc.
Playing with time and managing the pace of the shoot
Learning how to inspired by mistakes not discouraged

POST-PRODUCTION: (Directors & Editors)
July 23rd-27th, July 30- August 3 (classes mandatory for directors only. ALL students are welcome)
These two weeks all student film teams will collaborate to assist the directors in editing the films. This is where the rubber-meets the road for filmmaking. All conflicts can be accommodated EXCEPT for the directors. The teams will work closely with our faculty to assist them in all post-production instruction within Final Cut X and other software supported by HARA’s Apple computers. DIRECTORS MUST SUPPLY a 500GB or more HARD-DRIVE.

These 10 editing classes will cover:
How to cut like a pro
Manufacturing reality
Invisible cuts
Sound and music
Order of operations and Onlining
Creating a promotional trailer for your film
Marketing and Basic Legal Protection instruction

Short Film Fest: Local Screening on
August 24, 25 & 26 @ AMP Studios
Carmel Art & Film Festival: October 2012

Limited Scholarship Funds ARE AVAILABLE!

To schedule an interview, call Brittney @ 323-302-1946