2015 Summer Digital Filmmaking Intensive

Another intense summer of filmmaking fun is coming up. What better way of spending those warm summer days than by making friends from other schools, getting some awesome storytelling experience, and having a ton of fun on camera.

Joey Awameleh catches his breath while speaking to Reilly Skinner with crew; Jackson Wood, Colin McDowell, and Nate Mandurago on the set of “Camp Hero-Time!”, product of Winter 2012 Season.

If You Desire On-Set Experience In Front of the Camera…

Cast of “Beyond Sketch”, sketch comedy show for public access tv; product of our Fall 2011 Season.

If You’ve Made Theatre or Films with Friends in the Past and Think You’re Ready to Participate in a Professional Environment…

Eric Hinwood escorts Tyler Zenda up the red carpet for the prmeire of “Instructions Not Included”; product of our first season, Winter 2010

If You’re a Little Camera Shy and You’re Looking for a Great First Time Experience…
Cast of “Instructions Not Included” on the steps of Carmel High School; Winter 2010

If You Know You Have the Potential Tap Into Your Star Quality on Cue…

Collin McDowell holds Eric Hinwood back from tackling Kaleb Edwards in front of Sarah Dooley. A frame-grab from “A Long Shot”; product of our Winter 2011 Season.

Then Mike and Brittney welcome you to download our application and email it by May 25th to brittney@haramotionpictures.com so that you can enroll in the…

2015 Summer Digital Film Intensive

What you get:
5-Day HARA Acting Technique Intensive
An Ensemble or Leading Role in a Cinema-Quality Short Film Destined for Film Festivals
3-day On-Location film shoot
Fresh, Local, Organic Lunch mindfully prepared each day
Local Premiere at the Carmel International Film Festival 2015

In the past, we have charged $1,300 per student for their tuition. But thanks to the generous support of the S.T.A.R. Foundation of Monterey County, we have drastically reduced the burden of tuition for our students’ families.

Filmmaking is the most expensive art form in the world. With our history in this industry, we have been able to make strong ties to members of our community who want to give. This means that the cost of production has been completely lifted from your shoulders. All we ask is you pay for room and board. Come and have a work-vacation with us in one of the most breathtakingly beautiful and cinematically-ripe places in the world for only $375 in.

Monterey, CA
We are accepting students to fill a cast of 8 minimum, 12 maximum. If you’re interested, we welcome you to apply by downloading the application and emailing it in. Someone will be in touch with you for a phone interview.

The HARA Motion Picture Conservatory is (finally) now an official 501c3 non-profit organization. What does this mean to you? Probably nothing! We’re still organized the same way, have the same mission, and the same wildly ambitions faculty. But we have support behind us now; the HARA Board is dedicated to supporting the school to reach its true potential of being the most accomplished young independent filmmakers community on the central coast.