Jeff Clark, Director/Producer


IMG_3351-300x200Over his 30 year career, Jeff Clark has served as the Executive Producer and Creative Director for several Hollywood based production companies and presently has over 1000 video credits to his name. He has produced and directed hundreds of music videos for such acts as the Backstreet Boys, N Sync, Black Eyed Peas, Tupac Shakur, Lionel Richie, and Barry White, Phil Collins, Paulina Rubio, All-4-One, among many others. Jeff has earned 3 MTV Awards including an MTV Video of the Year award for his efforts. He has many commercial successes as well having worked with dozens of leading brands such as Sony PlayStation, Coca-Cola, General Mills, Skechers Shoes, Toyota, LOral, Nescafe, T-Mobile, and various others. Jeff also founded MVCI, the worlds first film school with a music video and commercial based curriculum, bringing his ideas and most valuable production know-how to assist others in their quest for knowledge in film & television production.After a brief year as a Producer at Google in 2005, Mr. Clark went on to work as a television creative for Al Gores International Cable TV Network, CurrentTV. He helped to launch the Cable TV start-up and as part of that team developed innovative ideas where Mr. Clarks creative contributions were quickly recognized leading to a Primetime Emmy Award for Best Interactive Television Network, a first in this category.His most recent endeavor is Videobot, a video startup that helps brands and businesses to build out their YouTube and social video channels. Videobot has already created over 600 videos in more than 50 destinations worldwide. Mr. Clark is now taking this latest venture toward a multi-screen audience, on their mobile devices, and into the future.

Jeff is currently the President, Board of Directors, for the Monterey County Film Commission and brings his knowledge and expertise to the team at the Hara Conservatory. He is excited to be a part of this innovative group.