Matthew Lavin, Aerial UAV Operator/Producer


matthewlavin-300x225Since moving to Santa Cruz, Matthew has been named Chancellor of the Monterey Bay UAV Flight School and is working to establish education and certification for the UAV/UAS industry. With 20 years RC experience, he is also an accredited member of AUVSI, RCAPA and AMA. Recently from New York City, originally from Chicago, Matthew Lavin has been in production all his life. Schooled as a classically trained puppeteer, and having worked with such innovative tech-forward artists such as Blue Man Group, Disney and Jim Henson Productions, Matthew became an automation & robotics devotee. His professional background encompasses years working onset in NYC in cinematography, commercial photography, lighting, props electrician, grip/gaff and production management. An image and technology junkie, Matthew found his true calling manifest as a UAV pilot and cameraman. Matthew enjoys buying new lenses, capturing his pro-surfer friends being epic, expanding awareness of the UAV industry and building with Cecil the shop dog.