Winter 2010

Independent Film Creation Lab

Over the course of 5 weekends, 12 students will receive on camera training, be coached through a structured film-creation process from conception through post-production, and study the H.A.R.A. Screen Acting Technique.

The film will be shot by a professional cinematographer over the winter break. Post production will be completed by the end of February and a screening of their film will premiere at a local cinema. (TBA)

Each class will consist of: ~Ensemble building ~HARA Technique ~Advanced Vocal Technique ~Screenplay Writing ~Improvisation ~On-Camera Scene Assignments ~ Immediate Viewing & Discussion of Scene Work in the CYC’s State-of-the-Art

Private 40-seat Cinema

Each season of the HARA school will teach students advanced acting for the screen, as well as contemporary film study. The process requires them to work together to create impactful works of art that showcase their on-camera and behind the scenes talent to be used when they go off to college and beyond. This rare training and experience at such a young age give their careers an edge that most professional actors or filmmakers don’t get until well into their years of pursuit.